Kendrick Lamar Narrated An Incredible Retirement Tribute Video To Paul Pierce

Posted by Corbin Reiff on

The sterling career of Paul Pierce came to an ignominious end nearly two weeks ago after the Los Angeles Clippers were eliminated from the playoffs by the Utah Jazz. Numerous tributes came in from all across the NBA and beyond to honor the man they call “The Truth.” A new one popped up on the Clippers official social media the other day. It was a poignant video that celebrated Paul’s Southern California roots, narrated by the region’s premier rap talent, Kendrick Lamar.

It opens with a young man riding on his bicycle. “Los Angeles, California. The city of Angels,” Lamar begins. K Dot’s song “The Heart Part 4,” bounces away in the background. “When people talk about LA, most mention the beautiful weather, the celebrities, the glitz and the glamor, you know, Hollywood. But there’s a part of town where you can find the grit, the fortitude, the truth.” The scene cuts away to a shot of Pierce’s jersey hanging up in a gym in Inglewood.

“Inglewood’s own accomplished what many others never did before him. Not only did Paul Pierce represent Inglewood, he put all of Los Angeles on his back,” Lamar continued. “Life is not all about the wins and losses, it’s also about how you affect people. Paul Pierce, you are ‘The Truth.'”

Check out the incredible video tribute above.