Kanye West’s New Song ‘XTCY’ May Make Family Dinner A Little Awkward

Posted by Aaron Williams on

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Kanye West has never been shy about courting controversy, but his latest song may make for some slightly uncomfortable family dinners at the Kardashian house for a while. Released early Saturday morning, “XTCY” pays homage to his wife’s family with some tribute bars that may not make them feel entirely flattered.

“You got a sister-in-law you would smash? I got four of ’em,” he crows over the unconventional hook. While the family has been noted for their looks for some time, with modeling contracts and magazine covers more-or-less falling in their laps for the last several years, I’m not completely sure that’s the best way to give someone a compliment, let alone someone you’re technically related to.

While West has experienced something of a resurgence as a producer lately, his output as a rapper has continued to select a questionable streak since his return to the spotlight after taking a year off to focus on family and fashion. “XTCY” is a prime example of his beats getting better, but his lyricism confusing fans as much as entertaining them. It’s entirely possible Kanye has been trolling for the last eight months, but if so, the joke has been going over more than a few heads. Check out ‘XTCY’ below.