Kanye West, DJ Khaled And More Show Up On Mary J. Blige’s New Album ‘Strength Of A Woman’

Posted by Corbin Reiff on


On April 28, Mary J. Blige will release her 13th studio album, a work titled Strength of a Woman. Before March was over with however, she wanted to do something to celebrate Women’s History Month, so she asked her followers on Twitter to tweet @ her a picture of a strong women with the hashtag, #STRENGTHOFAWOMAN next to their image. For every strong woman she received, she revealed a track name and guest feature from her upcoming album.

As it turns out, Mary has pulled some pretty big names for her latest project. Track one on the record is a song titled “Love Yourself” and it features none other than Kanye West. Track five is a song names “Glow Up” and comes with an assist from Quavo, Dj Khaled and Missy Elliott. There’s also “Smile” which features Prince Charlez, and “Telling The Truth” featuring “Kaytranada.” Let’s just say, we’re pretty excited for April to roll around.

Check out the entire Strength of a Woman track list below.

1. “Love Yourself” feat. Kanye West
2. “Thick Of It”
3. “Set Me Free”
4. “It’s Me”
5. “Glow Up” feat. Quavo, DJ Khaled, and Missy Elliott
6. “U + Me (Love Lesson)”
7. “Indestructable”
8. “Thank You”
9. “Survivor”
10. ‘Find The Love”
11. “Smile” feat. Prince Charlez
12. “Telling The Truth” feat. Kaytranada
13. “Strength Of A Woman”