Kanye West Borrowed The Ugandan President’s Helicopter To Help Give Away Yeezys At A Youth Event

Posted by Aaron Williams on

Kanye West’s trip to Africa is off to much more positive start than his departure from his birth nation, according to TMZ. Whereas Kanye left Americans shaking their heads with disappointment — those of us not tuned-in to Fox News 24/7, anyway — it looks like Ugandans have plenty of reason to celebrate Kanye’s arrival. Not only are they unencumbered with the potential fallout of his political views, but one group of kids in Masulita, a town in the central region of the African nation, got to meet their idol, who not only entertained them with his raps but also handed out dozens of pairs of his signature Yeezy 350s.

While many Americans find it difficult to get their hands on Drake’s least favorite shoe, the kids in Masulita were pretty excited to receive the coveted kicks, but even more excited to meet an American hip-hop star. It looks like Kanye’s new favorite gifting option is his own sneakers; not only did he bequeath a pair to Donald Trump on his trip to the White House, he also left a pair with the president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni. Of course, the president’s gift to Kanye was even more valuable; he allowed Kanye and Kim Kardashian to borrow his presidential helicopter to fly to the charity event, which was 94 miles away from where the couple was staying in Chobe.