Kanye’s, “808s & Heartbreak,” Goes Platinum

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Photo by Nigel D.

Kanye’s, “808s & Heartbreak,” debuted with 450k sold and now has achieved platinum success. Although it is my least favorite Kanye album, it does have some good music on it. T.I. & Beyonce are both around the 1.5 million mark while Lil Wayne is as 2.8 million. Soulja Boy is up to 80k sold after two weeks.

Sales overall have fallen as expected:

Sales have plummeted 45 percent from the industry’s high-water mark of 785.1 million units in 2000, due largely to Internet piracy and competition from other forms of entertainment such as video games. Digital track sales rose 27 percent to a record 1.07 billion units, but the growth was slower than the 45 percent jump in 2007.

Full Story: Reuters