Kanye Quietly Deleted His Twitter And Instagram

Posted by Alex Galbraith on

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Insofar as it’s possible for Kanye West to do anything quietly, the rapper exited Twitter and Instagram today. Kanye deleted both of his main social media accounts, leaving behind millions of accrued followers with absolutely no explanation.

The odd move comes on the same day that he’s launching a children’s line of clothing with his wife, Kim Kardashian. The reality star revealed yesterday that the pair had made all of their children’s clothes and were hoping to launch a clothing line where other parents could snag the same looks as North and Saint West. Kardashian promoted that line today with tweets of some of the available outfits, even noting that Kanye hand-drew the logo of the line, but a tag was noticeably absent.

The reactions to Kim’s reveal of the logo and several outfits almost all revolved around Kanye leaving Twitter.


We have to hope Kanye returns to social media soon. Imagine how much worse 2016 would have been if we didn’t have his “cool pants” rant and the greatest hashtag that ever was and ever will be. Maybe he’s focusing on taking better care of that water bottle. I’d link to the reference, but…well, you know.

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