Justin Bieber Played Pickup Basketball In A Full Steph Curry Uniform

Posted by Robby Kalland on


You know that guy that shows up to the gym in a full NBA jersey? That one guy that takes things way too seriously and thinks he’s significantly better at basketball than he really is? Well, apparently Justin Bieber is that guy, or at least was for one day in Australia recently.

Bieber posted a blurry picture of himself hooping in a full Steph Curry Warriors uniform — jersey, shorts, leggings — while in Australia last week.

Instagram Photo

Aside from having questions about anyone that dresses in full uniform for a pickup game, I also have questions about what’s happening in this picture. Why is he taking such a long stride here? Is he about to hit the world’s most aggressive Euro-step? I don’t understand what move is about to be made, but I can’t imagine it was very successful.

The Throwback Store in Australia was who outfitted Bieber and his crew for the game, and they posted a non-blurry picture showing Bieber in his full Curry uniform.

Instagram Photo

There’s also a guy in a retro Vince Carter Raptors jersey, but Bieber is the only one completely geared up in a full uniform and with leggings and such, which makes me assume this is something he does fairly regularly. Bieber can do whatever he wants, because none of his friends are going to call him on it, but my suggestion to most people is not to be that guy who wears a full NBA uniform to go play pickup. No one likes that guy and everyone is making fun of you behind your back — if not directly to your face.

(h/t Sports Illustrated)