Justin Bieber Is A Cavs Belieber Now

Posted by Spencer Lund on

On Tuesday night, Justin Bieber gave a performance at Quicken Loans Arena, home of the defending Eastern Conference champion, Cleveland Cavaliers.

As you can see in the video above, Biebs donned a Cavs jersey. Because, Cleveland and all.

Then, Bieber did something truly extraordinary and, dare we say it, brave — or as the kids say, #woke. You see, the “Sorry” singer went ahead and predicted a 2016 NBA title for the Cavs.

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What was the…purpose of the proclamation? Well, did we already mention he was in Cleveland? Yeah. Okay, so that was the purpose.

Bieber thought LeBron was going to “bring it home,” which is sorta confusing.

The Larry O’Brien trophy — like most L.A. and New York City snobs, hasn’t ever been to Cleveland. (But, come on, it hasn’t been in New York since the early ’70s, either, and it’s not a big fan of Los Angeles, either. So don’t accuse it of being some flyover snob.)

Oh yeah, Matthew Dellavedova, the Cavaliers’ spunky point guard, took in the mellifluous sounds of Biebs on Tuesday, too.

Good on you, Delly. We like that Skrillex joint the Biebs did, but our friends get weirded out when we dance to it in public.

Anyway, Uproxx’s resident quipster, Pistons fanatic, chicken wing aficionado and all around good guy, Andy Isaac, pointed out something you may have noticed about Bieber. His loyalty to a team is tied almost completely to their winning percentage.

That’s why Biebs brought Luda out in Atlanta and didn’t don a Mike Scott jersey; although, that would have been awesome because Mike was on point Tuesday night.

No pressure, LeBron, but now you’re responsible for making Justin Bieber prophetic. Sorry, but we’re picking the Spurs or the Dubs still.

The Cavs will play the winner of the Hawks-Celtics series, which Atlanta leads 3-2 with Game 6 on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET in Boston.

(Thanks for bringing this to our attention, FTW!)