Just About Everyone Says That’s Not Darrelle Revis’ Voice In The Knockout Video That’s Circulating

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TMZ / Getty

On Sunday, TMZ posted a story that included video from an alleged altercation in Pittsburgh involving Darrelle Revis and two men. A man can be heard bragging about knocking out the two men and it’s inferred that it could be Revis.

According to the criminal complained filed against Revis, a witness told cops Revis was allegedly screaming, “Do you want to be next?”

In the video, you can hear someone saying, “Shut up before I knock your ass out next.”

Revis was arrested on multiple felony criminal charges including robbery, assault and conspiracy.

On Monday, Revis’ lawyers told TMZ that is not Revis’ voice on the video.

Now, Revis’ attorneys — Robert Del Greco Jr. and Mark Fiorilli — issued a statement saying the NFL star “absolutely, categorically and positively did not knock out anyone.”

The lawyers claim Revis did not commit ANY crime and add, “We have no doubt but that further investigation relative to the clothing and voice verification will corroborate the above assertions.”

There are many football media people who don’t think that is Revis’ voice.

Also, teammate Brandon Marshall says that’s Revis’ voice.

TMZ is usually very reliable but just about every human that has heard Revis speak says there’s no way that’s him. When this first happened, Revis’ lawyer said five guys tried to jump Revis. If you count the bodies, conscious or otherwise in that TMZ video, it’s two on the ground, two upright and a fifth guy holding a camera.