Juggalos, Rejoice! Seven Faygo Beers Are Here For Your Consumption

Posted by Lisa Dunn on


It is a well-established fact that fans of Insane Clown Posse, a.k.a. Juggalos, have a deep and abiding love of Faygo, the Detroit-based beverage company that makes over 50 different flavors of soda. And, in fact, though Faygo has long been a Michigan staple, it’s thanks to our ICP-loving friends that most Americans even know what Faygo is.

Now, Juggalo and non-Juggalo fans of the soda company have a new reason to celebrate: according to Food & Wine, the Detroit Beer Experiment will debut seven beers made from seven Faygo flavors at the Michigan Brewers Guild Fall Beer Festival this autumn.

According to the Detroit Free Press, here’s what you can expect from the seven breweries participating in the venture:

Traffic Jam and Snug is making a Redpop kettle sour. Founders Detroit is making Scotch Cherry Whoop Whoop, inspired by Rock n Rye — a rye scotch ale with dark cherry and vanilla. Eastern Market Brewing Co. is making a Moon Mist IPA. Brew Detroit is making Cotton Candy Berliner weisse. Detroit Beer Co. has created a 60/40 Radler. Atwater is brewing a Double Dirty Blonde with Faygo Orange and coriander. And Batch Brewing Co. seems to be going the extra Detroit mile with its Better Made Grape FayGose, using the Detroit-based potato chips in the beer as well.

Stephen Roginson, one of the brewers involved in the experiment, said in a statement, “Getting together with our brewing community to brainstorm, bend elbows, and do something outside of the norm? What a fun industry to be a part of.”

We agree that it’s pretty cool to try to figure out how to synthesize Redpop and the Warhead quality of a kettle sour. It’ll be interesting to see if this whole experiment works. Guess you and all your Juggalo friends will just have to go to the brewfest the weekend of Oct. 26-27 to find out. WHOOOOOOP! FAM-IL-EEEEEEE.