Juelz Santana Clears Up Comments That Bloggers Might be Gay

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Juelz Santana on music blogs and the bloggers……

“I think the internet is a plus and a minus. For one, it’s the best promotion, though, in the world especially when you don’t have an album out at the time it’s a beautiful way of promotion, you know what I’m saying? And it’s free promotion at that. I don’t really entertain the bloggers or the comments and stuff like that. Anybody that has time to sit and type at they computer might be gay to me. I mean just typing a comment. You could be typing and talking to somebody, but typing a comment on something that you see is kind of crazy to me.”

Source: BET

Juelz previews, “Don’t Sweat Me Now,” below of the Skull Gang album dropping May 5th.