John Mayer Doesn’t Even Care That Kendrick Lamar Stole His Release Day Thunder

Posted by Alex Galbraith on

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What can you do if you’re an artist faced with the unenviable task of squaring off with a Kendrick Lamar release? Well, if you’re John Mayer, you just enjoy the incredible new music. Mayer shared an image of himself shrugging edited into Kendrick’s artwork for DAMN. to show that there were no hard feelings about his comeback album being overshadowed.

“When one of your favorite artists @kendricklamar slides into that Friday release schedule and will handily take the number one slot but you’re too excited to listen to it to even care,” he wrote.

Mayer is certainly not alone in his excitement. The entire internet has been awash in Kendrick love since his album leaked late yesterday. And that fervor is showing no signs of dying down now that the album is officially out. Talk has ranged from heaping praise to speculation that there’s another companion album coming soon.

And Mayer’s far from the only famous fan to geek out over DAMN. Lil Yachty encompassed all of our feelings in a video of himself listening to the album’s intro.

The Instagram shrug is Mayer’s latest reveal of his love of hip-hop. Earlier this week, he tweeted his concern that J. Cole might be being held back by memes.