Joey Badass Said He’s A Better Rapper Than Tupac And Got All The Attention He Was Asking For

Posted by Bansky Gonzalez on

Remember when Lil Yachty called The Notorious B.I.G. overrated, and everybody got mad? Well, get ready to do it again because Joey Bada$$ has some thoughts on Tupac.

Joey sat down for an interview with Genius, and spoke about all of the famous and legendary black figures that have influenced his music for a Black History Month feature. Naturally, Joey said Pac was an influence, as Pac influences just about everybody who raps. Then, things took a hard left as Joey says “I already know I’m a better rapper than 2Pac is, that’s just facts. One on one battle, I’ll flame Pac.”

In my mind, the world collectively did this.

Just like with Yachty, people are upset. Duh. So now Joey has clarified things with a Twitter statement even though we watched him say the stuff he said, on video, and nothing was misconstrued because “media like twisting up the words” because we saw him say the words.

That explanation is interesting enough, and if Joey thinks he’s like, mechanically, a better rapper than Pac, sure, whatever. He’s allowed to have his own opinion and Pac was admittedly kind of elementary in some of his raps. Still, Pac also claims some of the best rap albums of all-time, albums in which he, you know, raps. And as far as a “one on one battle,” well, Pac wasn’t exactly Loaded Lux, but the man does have one of the greatest diss tracks of all-time with “Hit Em Up.” So, whatever dude.

Joey did also mention one of Pac’s many legendary interviews in saying “I believe I am one of the minds that Pac said would spark to change the world,” so there is more context to the “I’m better than Tupac” stuff. Joey believes “every generation that comes after has the opportunity to outshine the previous generation,” which gives a little more context into his thinking.

So yeah, cue up the radio interviews and all of the headlines and let’s give Joey all the attention he was asking for with this quote. The sooner we get to the apology phase and just move on the better.