Joel Embiid Made His Pitch To Rihanna And Talked Draft Lottery At ESPN’s Upfront

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Joel Embiid says that Rihanna has to “trust the Process” to make a love connection between the two stars happen.

It’s no secret that the Philadelphia 76ers star has a thing for the pop star, and on Tuesday he got a chance to make a pitch directly to a good friend of Rihanna’s. The Process certainly shot his shot, too.

The Joel Embiid recovery tour included a stop at ESPN’s upfront event on Tuesday, where the network debuts its plans for the season and announces big changes to its programming.

Wearing a bright red suit, Embiid took the stage for a Michael Smith/Jemele Hill segment to promote their edition of SportsCenter called The Six. The two hosts took their spots at a makeshift bar area and asked Embiid questions about his injury and, eventually, his love life.

Former Destiny’s Child member and current friend of Beyonce Kelly Rowland was also there for the upfront event, and she called Embiid “the biggest person I’ve ever seen in my life.” After a few minutes, Smith asked Embiid to tell Rowland — a good friend of Rihanna’s — exactly why the music superstar should give him a chance.

Embiid looked a bit embarassed, but then took a moment and gave a pretty strong answer.

I mean, look at myself.

I’m 7-2, I’m good-looking. You know a woman usually loves my accent because I’m from Camroon in Africa. And I’m pretty intelligent too, and I’m funny. And I love pretty women and to be around them.

She’s got to trust The Process.

The crowd loved the response, and so did Rowland. Check out her reaction.

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Embiid said his recovery from knee surgery is going well, and he expects to be on the court in “two or three weeks.” That’s good news for Sixers fans who hope his major injuries are behind him and the team is no longer a lottery contender next season. Embiid himself will represent the Sixers at the Draft Lottery on Tuesday night, but he’s hoping not to make a habit of it.

“I think we got a good chance,” he said of getting the right ping pong balls and winning the lottery. “Hopefully this is the last time we’re gonna be doing this. I hate losing.”

The Sixers are having some fun with Embiid at the Draft Lottery, even going as far as to make special shirts for the occasion. Though honestly, it seems like Embiid can have fun anywhere he goes, even ESPN PR events.