Joel Embiid Hilariously Shot Down Olivia Pierson’s Claim That They’re Together As ‘Fake News’

Posted by Robby Kalland on


Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love for some, but also a dreaded day for others. There are those that are single and don’t want to be reminded of it, and then there are those in casual relationships that don’t want to be too serious who find themselves in an awkward spot on Valentine’s Day.

You can count Joel Embiid into that latter category. Reality TV star Olivia Pierson posted a picture to Instagram on Tuesday night claiming Embiid as her Valentine and said that he had “docked his ship” with her. Embiid made sure to put an end to any Valentine talk by commenting on her post that it was “Old news I’m not trusting this process,” as pointed out by The Philly Voice.

Instagram via The Philly Voice

That post was taken down (probably because of Embiid’s comment), but this is the internet and things live forever even if you don’t want them to. With his original rebuttal taken down, he had to go to plan B and posted a screenshot of her post on his Instagram story with “#FakeNews” written across the image.

After those two posts, it’s clear that Embiid is not trying to settle down right now. You have to feel a bit for Pierson, but the lesson here is to never, ever claim someone publicly as your Valentine without discussing it first.

(h/t Philly Voice)