Joe Budden Goes In On Vibe’s Greatest Rapper Rap Bracket

Posted by uproxx on

Via Joe Budden’s Twitter:
Actually, f*** all the tweets.. If a rapper has a problem with somethin I said, Get in the booth… then I’ll wash’em up and prove my point

dare I tell niggaz that their beloved method man don’t even write his own shit !!!!! Defend that 1 NIGGA….

Vibe’s list are laughable, worst yet is the top 50 rap blogs(Some how I couldn’t even make the top 50 rap blogs when there is no way I’m not top 5 IMO).

My Thoughts on the list:
Honestly when I first heard the list was even created I knew I wasn’t going to be on it. RealTalkNY is some how always left out of, “top blog,” talk despite over 50 million hits and actually CREATING ORIGINAL CONTENT. I think no one should issue any site the top rap blog because different sites have their own lane and audience they cater too. Congrats to anyone that can create a site and build up a following through hard work. With that said no matter what success you have no one should feel they run the net. Also no top Hip Hop blog list is credible without mentioning RealTalkNY. But if you want to compare blogs I would think the criteria would be consistency, originality and success. I feel this site scores high in each category, but disagree if you want(feel free to explain why you disagree).

I had a few comments on Twitter about the list because I’m entitled to my opinion. I have no reason to hate on anyone because I’m doing good and have no reason to be jealous. I know I put in work that most people don’t so when I don’t get acknowledged for it I will let it be known like it or not. At the end of the day you got to respect the site even if you don’t like it and the Vibe list is clearly not legit, REAL TALK.