Jim Jones Addresses Cam’ron, Jay-Z & His Evolution In A New Documentary

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This is Jim Jones Documentary Trailer(Releases may 12th)

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“This is Jim Jones,” chronicles Jim Jones’ preparation for his new album while looking at his entire life. Damon Dash plays a prominent role in the documentary, showing Jim Jones right from wrong and trying his best to guide him to success. In one of the funnier moments of the film Damon Dash takes Jim Jones to an upscale art exhibition, where Jim looks completely out of place. Dame wants to expand Jones’ horizons and get him into acting.

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Written By Nigel D.

Jim Jones – Blow The Bank

The documentary is broken down in chapters in chronological order. Chapter 1 and 2 discusses Jim Jones’ growing up in Harlem, the drug use, HIV in the family, blood affiliation, and reckless behavior are shown to depict how rough Jim had it growing up. At the same time Damon Dash mentions Cam’ron should be here while Jim is working on his latest album.

Jim Jones speaks candidly about his relationship with Cam’ron and how the whole Dipset movement got successful. We see Jim Jones evolve from a hype man to an actual artist, producer and executive. Chapter 4 is about the Dipset’s problems at Def Jam. Damon Dash says he told Cam’ron and Beanie Sigel he would make them Vice president but Cam’ron went on the radio first and told it to the public. Of course as we all know Jay-Z wasn’t too pleased.

The problems with Dipset and Jay-Z only got worse. Kanye had sold Dipset the, “H to the Izzo,” beat but Jay-Z took it and they didn’t find out until he performed it on the BET awards. So in return Cam’ron strong armed the, “Oh Boy,” beat from Just Blaze even though it was suppose to be for Jay-Z. Jay-Z refused to be in the video for, “Oh Boy,” and to add insult to injury Cam’ron rejected Jay-Z’s remix verse for the song. Damon Dash says he can’t believe Jay-Z messed his plans up. Jim Jones later comments on Jay-Z,” he is too old to be doing what he doing and he dress horrible.”

As the documentary continues we see Jim directing videos, becoming an A&R and starting to make music. The documentary shows the good and the bad, depicting all the drama Jim Jones gets involved in such as the Hot 97 Summer Jam incident and problems with bouncers. Jim Jones talks about Stack Bundles passing away and losing friends to the streets. Damon Dash through out the movie wonders why Cam’ron isn’t in the picture and is clearly upset by it. Jim Jones says it was part of the plan for him and Cam’ron to separate but it is also part of the plan for them to get back together. Jim Jones states he is waiting for them to get back together. The documentary is very interesting and I think everyone should check it out. It may change some opinions on Jim Jones or at least help people understand him more.