Jidenna Announced His Debut Album By Dropping A Song With Quavo

Posted by Alex Galbraith on

Jidenna has been flitting around since “Classic Man” dropped nearly two years ago. And other than the loose track “Long Live The Chief” and occasionally showing upon Janelle Monae projects, we haven’t seen much sign of any movement on an actual album. Until today, that is. The dapper rapper announced his debut album The Chief is coming on February 17.

Jidenna announced the album via a clip of himself greeting fans in Nigeria and gave fans a taste of the new album by dropping the new Quavo collab “The Let Out.” Over a slinky, Mustard-core beat, Jidenna gets up to his smoother-than-thou tricks and raps about beautiful women and the men who aren’t dressed fresh enough to catch their eyes.

“And a lame tryin’ holler he a bum on a beat,” Jidenna raps. “He a Roger Moore n*gga, and I’m a Sean Connery.”

Given the lengthy roll-out of his debut, there’s no telling what will be on the album. Is “Classic Man” going to rest in the tracklist like it isn’t nearly a toddler? What about “Knickers” and “Chief Don’t Run“? All we know is Jidenna’s probably about to come into some major money to give a shot in the arm to his cane-buying fund.