Jeremy Lin Tried To Make One Fan Feel Better About Getting Pranked With Permanent Ink

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How does someone get an accidental tattoo?

Let’s allow one of the Hornets’ newest fans, Holland Christensen, explain.

Christensen recently posted on Reddit that she had to find someone to travel with her to a Hornets game. Her friend bailed, and all she wanted to do was see Lin play in person for the first time.

Why was she so desperate? She implied she was driving from Atlanta to Charlotte for the game and was willing to pick up anyone willing to come along the way.

Let’s allow her to explain via Reddit:

To give some background on why it’s important that I get to go, about two months ago I accidentally got Jeremy Lin’s name tattooed on my ankle. It was a huge fail, I had no idea who he even was, and who the F gets a random tattoo of someone’s name? Basically someone thought it would be hilarious to give me the wrong Chinese translation of what I actually wanted for the tattoo, and me being impulsive and not double checking I now have Jeremy Lin’s name on my body for the rest of my life. Instead of being too completely mortified I decided to own it and become the guy’s biggest fan, so I’ve literally spent the last two months watching every Jeremy Lin video on Youtube. I swear I’ve watched every game he’s ever played. I figure if I am going to have his name on me forever I should at least see the guy play. He seems like an awesome person and through all this I have become a fan of the Hornets and the NBA in general. Hopefully I can meet him someday so I feel the tattoo is justified. So this, among other reasons, is why I really don’t want to miss it.

But here’s the part she must’ve really enjoyed: Lin caught onto this, and he made a “tattoo” of his own.

So to recap, girl doesn’t double-check tattoo. Girl gets wrong meaning of tattoo. Girl becomes obsessed with Jeremy Lin and tweets about him. Girl posts about Jeremy Lin on Reddit. Jeremy Lin posts on Imgur.

This has to be the most 2016 story in the history of 2016.

Double-check your tattoo’s, kids. And if you don’t, then definitely make sure you do a background check on the random people on Reddit who approach you about getting a ride to Charlotte.

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