Jeremih And Ty Dolla $ign Unleash The Creepy Crawlies In Their Unsettling ‘Goin Thru Some Thangz’ Video

Posted by Aaron Williams on

Only MihTy could make their unsettling video for “Goin Thru Some Thangz” also come off sort of sexy and seductive. The combination of R&B veterans Jeremih and Ty Dolla Sign (hence, MihTy) is a potent one, especially on this cut from their recently released collaborative album, Mih-Ty, which details the troubles of a paramour who can’t stop fiending for their affections.

The video follows their lady friend as she checks into a seedy motel to prepare for a late-night romantic rendezvous with Jeremih. Unfortunately, their chosen location seems to be infested with spiders and falling apart, as cracks form in the walls as eight-legged shadows skitter across them to the chittering audio cue tucked into the Machynist and Ayo & Keys-produced beat. Of course, none of this seems to deter our intrepid heroes, which is probably why they’re internationally renowned sex symbols, stealing girls left and right.

Mih-Ty had been in the works for some time, ever since Ty popped up on Jeremih’s 2015 single, “Impatient.” The two developed a strong working chemistry, which is no surprise, as they’re both industry songwriting vets, contributing to hundreds of collaborations between the two of them over a decade of songs as both solo performers and guest vocalists. It all paid off with the release of their first album as a group — but hopefully not their last.

Mih-Ty is out now via Def Jam Recordings and Atlantic Records. Get it here.

Note: Ty Dolla Sign is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music.