Jeezy Speaks On Moving Past Biggie & Tupac & His Position In The Game

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Jeezy on Biggie & 2Pac nostalgia:

“Pac and Big gone, cuz,” he says, looking up. “They no more. Only thing you can hear is they voice, my nigga, and you know what they voice telling me? You gotta keep it moving, man. Fuck that dumb shit, cuz. We wanna be where you at. I’m four albums in. How many albums Big have, two? He ain’t make it that far. So I’m already ahead of the game.”

Jeezy on his place in hip hop’s current hierarchy:

“I feel like the last Mohican dawg…I feel like the last man standing. I done seen it, I done done it. I done smelt it…I know what I am. But I know what I’m not about to become. I gotta stand for something, man. Who better?”

Quotes for Jeezy’s Vibe magazine interview. Is Jeezy the last Mohican?

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