Jay Z Faked A Candid Moment In A Picture With Kevin Hart And The Internet Went In On Him

Posted by Corbin Reiff on

I think everyone can agree that the real star from game one of the NBA Finals was Rihanna. The bad girl stole our hearts by yelling “Brick!” at Kevin Durant through the game, and distracting Jeff Van Gundy while LeBron was laying down a monster dunk. Rihanna wasn’t the only star in the building last night however. Jay Z was also in the house, as was comedian Kevin Hart. At one point, the two men got together for a little court side photo-op, and the results were pretty interesting.

At first, Hart and Jay are posing like two totally normal dudes enjoying a basketball game. Then all of a sudden, Jay breaks out in this over-exaggerated laugh, and commands whoever’s in front of him snapping away to, “Take the picture while we’re talking.” Then he and Hart dab up and crank the fake laughing up to 1,000%.

The staged candid moment is a move that pretty much everyone in the history of photography has sought to duplicate, but because this is Jay Z, the Internet went in, bringing a ton of questions and observations with them.

It’s an interesting point to bring up. Is Jay actually laughing in all of those pictures, or has he been laying it on thick this entire time? I mean, probably not, but also…maybe?