Jasmine Janai’s Intimate Performance Shows Why She Won’t Be Recording In Her Bedroom For Long

Posted by Alex Galbraith on

A performance from Jasmine Janai is a rare thing. When the R&B singer won our Uncharted artist contest and was flown out to Los Angeles to perform for a room full of music industry people, she had to admit that it was one of her first-ever live performances. Her stage fright is so intense that she even has to psych herself up for performances when she’s alone.

“I feel like people are watching me even though they aren’t,” she said when she spoke to us in our latest episode of Uncharted. “I feel like I get really shaken and so does my voice, until I get comfy.”

That’s not to take anything away from Janai. Clearly she’s been working on something away from the spotlight, as this acoustic performance shows. This video of Jasmine and her guitar catches her in her natural environment — recording into a cell phone while sitting on her bed — and that sense of comfort oozes out into the song. Janai’s warm vocals and calls for “more love, less stress” project an all-over comfiness even as she details a slightly dangerous love story, with her dependent on her lover in the same manner as a drug addiction. Give it a listen up top.