James Corden Set Up A Monster ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Rendition Of ‘Sweet Caroline’ For The Grammys

Posted by Alex Galbraith on

Even if they couldn’t spot Neil Diamond on an otherwise empty street with two hints, everybody loves “Sweet Caroline.” The ballpark/barbecue/any-gathering-of-more-than-10-people staple and it’s “bah bah bah” shout-along chorus gets people going and gussied-up musicians are still people. That’s what James Corden was counting on when he put together an all-star rendition of the song at the 2017 Grammys.

While wearing a cardboard cut-out of a car — a self-deprecating nod to the fact that most folks interaction with him is his mega-viral late-night bit — Corden enlisted John Legend, Tim McGraw and Diamond himself to stuff the car along with other famous friends and sing the much-loved track.

A good chunk of the celebrities gathered seemed less-than-knowledgeable about the words to the verses — John Legend in particular looked lost — and the internet let their displeasure be known.

But honestly, that can be forgiven. Diamond and that guy might be the only person who knows the song in its entirety, and all that mumbling gets washed away when the “so good, so good” chorus comes back around. Take a look at Corden and his overflowing carpool full of stars and their children rocking out like they arn’t crouched behind a grade-school play’s version of a car up top.