Jadakiss Speaks On His Past Dealings With Diddy.

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BallerStatus.com: Do you think his business ethics are bad?

Jadakiss: Diddy learned from somebody else. Now that I’m grown and understand the game, I can’t really be mad at what he learned. This business was here 100 years before Diddy became a CEO. He makes his business and his contracts beneficial for him, which there’s nothing wrong with that. If you conducting business and you got the right lawyers that’s telling you to write what these contracts are saying, at the end of the day, when you’re signing any contract it should be beneficial for you. But if you’re just blind to the fact and you’re just happy to be down with Bad Boy like [The LOX] was ’cause it was so hot, we just signed some sh** we didn’t really look at ’til two, three years later. And this is happening today. There’s going to be a bunch of people making books like Mark Curry. There’s going to be a bunch of more people riffing with label heads about publishing and money that’s owed to them, so that’s going to always go on, because if you don’t pay attention, it’s really on you. He can’t do nothing contractually that you didn’t agree to.

Interview via BallerStatus (Shout out to Monique B.)

I guess you don’t become rich by being honest and fair.