Jadakiss Gives His Thoughts On His Past Beef With 50 Cent

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Complex: 50 is in a heated battle with Rick Ross, and he’s been know to damage careers in the past. Why do you think he wasn’t really able to dent your armor?

Jadakiss: I really don’t know, besides me knowing that he wouldn’t be able to do it lyrically. He was going to have to spend some money and that wasn’t even going to work, because when it comes to the music, that’s what it’s going to be. You can have a $100-trillion, but as long as I have a studio with producers, I can make something everyday. And the people know what type of quality it’s going to be. He just set that out, because The Massacre needed some fire to sell some units. He did a good job at it.

Complex: It seems like you guys have patched things up. Do you plan to work together?

Jadakiss: It could happen, if it’s good for both parties, and it’s beneficial. I’m a business man too. If it’s going to help me, then we can do it.

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