Is Lamar Odom Planning An NBA Comeback?

Posted by Cathryn Naiker on

One of the highlights at the end of Kobe’s last game on Wednesday was seeing a healthy Lamar Odom congratulating him among all the other retired superstars.

However, it seems Odom isn’t ready to retire just yet. In this Entertainment Tonight interview with Kevin Frazier, he asked Odom what’s next for him.

Odom: “Get back on the court.”

Frazier: “Are you gonna try and play again?!”

Odom: “Yeah… I still got it.”

Frazier: “You look like you can still play.”

Odom: “Yeah, I can… I can.”


That would be a huge comeback for the NBA and reality TV star, who almost lost his life in October due to a drug overdose. Frankly, when Odom says “yeah, I can… I can” it sounds like he’s trying to convince himself (and us) at the same time. Regardless, it is great to see him moving in that direction.

Kevin Frazier, surprised his on-court ambush is working, doubles down and gets right into that Kardashian mess we all either love, hate or love to hate. The latest in that “storyline” is that Khloe Kardashian is moving forward with her divorce from Odom, which in this video he is legit sad about. He doesn’t seem ready to let her go but historically, not dating a Kardashian is better for your basketball career.

It is great to see Odom back on track, but an NBA comeback at this stage seems unlikely. His last season was three years ago with The Clippers, where he averaged 4 points, 5 rebounds and 1 assist. Whether he has a late renaissance in the NBA or not it will still be interesting to see where Odom goes from here.

(Via Entertainment Tonight)

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