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In partnership with PROJECT trade show, I'm here to conduct an AMA that will serve as a launch pad for discussion this Tuesday, February 5, on the show floor. Titled "AMA IRL," I will be presenting your questions to PROJECT's new section, N:OW, an area of the show floor is focused on contemporary brands, youth culture and streetwear. It's a creative hub for designers, buyers, media and enthusiasts to learn, share and conduct business. A group of show exhibitors and partners will chime in and build out this discussion in real life.

In getting started here, a little something about me:

Fashion is my second career. Indeed, I broke into the industry with my then-acclaimed menswear blog, Nice Try Bro. It was the golden age of #menswear Tumblrs, and I was lucky enough to be a part of it. A disgruntled financial regulation attorney, blogging quickly became more than just a passion. Taking vacation from work to attend international fashion weeks, I realized that I needed to find a place for myself in the industry. So I built a store: Carson Street Clothiers. Some of you may remember it. Out of CSC, I was fortunate enough to launch a designer collection, "Deveaux." While CSC is no more, Deveaux continues under the creative directorship of my good friend and legendary fashion photographer, Tommy Ton.

Prior to joining WGSN, I served as a fashion consultant for international marketing agency, FCB Global, and developed a retail partnership between trade show Liberty Fairs and luxury e-commerce unicorn Farfetch. As a trend forecaster and consultant, I read bird entrails and tea leaves to determine what's going to resonate most with consumers, particularly men, at every segment of the market (luxury, designer, contemporary, streetwear, high-street and mass).

Joining me on stage will be Chris Ngo, co-owner of The Leverage Showroom and Rachael Dimit, a colleague of mine who specializes in consumer insights at WGSN. Chris is responsible for distribution and brand direction of many emerging labels, including Big Baller Brand and EPTM, to name a few. Again, we'll be going through some of your questions on stage, so make them good!

Major thanks toOliver and r/streetwear for giving us this platform. Now, AMA away!

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