Iggy Azalea Canceled Her Bad Girls Tour Due To ‘Unforeseen Circumstances’

Posted by Aaron Williams on

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It looks like Iggy Azalea won’t be making her big comeback just yet. Despite securing a release for her Surviving The Summer EP and making more than a few overtures toward her prior mainstream accessibility with Quavo-featuring single “Savior,” the Australian pop rapper’s return to the rap charts didn’t exactly go as planned, and now, her Bad Girls Tour has been canceled.

The Bad Girls Tour would have been Iggy’s first national run since 2015’s The Great Escape Tour, which was also canceled. Since then, she’s been the subject of bitter social media feuds, the butt of viral jokes, and the center of an ever-swirling conversation focusing on cultural appropriation and whether Iggy’s rap voice is disrespectful to the culture. Iggy has also been outspoken about the treatment of women in pop culture, pointing out that many men had been accused of the same but went on to garner much acclaim in the field of hip-hop from both internal and external sources.

Iggy took to Twitter to comfort her disappointed fans, saying that the decision to cancel the tour was out of her hands. Tour organizers Live Nation released a statement citing “unforeseen circumstances” in the cancelation. Tour opener Cupcakke also had previously dropped off the tour, stating that the promoters quoted two different offers of $330,000 and $30,000, which is a pretty steep drop off, and stressing that Iggy was not the one that changed the plans.

Unfortunately for fans of both, they’ll have to make other arrangements if they’re going to get out on the road anytime soon.