Ice Cube Responds To Gene Simmons’ Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Diss By Taking The High Road

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Gene Simmons told Rolling Stone that he’s looking forward to the death of rap, which makes it obvious that he’s never listened to Kendrick Lamar or Deltron 3030. It’s unfortunate that a certain generation can’t get into a certain musical genre, but the Kiss demon doubled down on his dislike of hip-hop when he said he didn’t believe N.W.A. should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Hip-hop is not rock and roll, after all.

And so MC Ren and Ice Cube called out Simmons at their induction, and now the Hall of Fame-worthy rapper is back to shutting down the Kiss icon on Howard Stern.

“I got a lot of respect for Gene Simmons, but I just think he’s wrong on this.”

It’s a spirit and it’s been going on since before they called it rock n roll. I hate it when hip-hoppers, some of them go to the band. I’m a turntable guy, like old-school Run-D.M.C. dudes. So I be having my feelings some times. But ultimately: We in baby!”

And at the end of the day, it’s still a man named Ice Cube shutting down a dude who paints his face, wears spandex and sticks his tongue out at people while attempting to preserve the sanctity of an establishment that hasn’t inducted Faith No More, Barry White, and many others. Rock and roll is weird, and strictly classifying acts for a Hall of Fame induction is missing the point. Let’s not let semantics and subjective opinions bring down the spirit of the whole thing.

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