How Has Wale’s Music Changed Over The Years?

Posted by uproxx on


REAL question: 1st thing i want yall to know that i dont take the “why do i care what ppl think” approach cuz i MAKE MUSIC for the people! So i take all opinions. 2nd. Is it me or is it the people? I make records like golden salvation vanity bricks black heroes freedom of Speech heavens afternoon curse of the gifted sunshine. I wrote so many records with meaning with passion. Theres ONE “dance” song. Yet people always talkin that sell out shyt. When i always been makin songs like that “bait” “pretty girls” “no hands” “ice cream girl” “dig dug”. Its like no matter what a vast majority of “fans” tryna say my shit changed. When actuality i used to just rhyme wit no meaning or vision. NOW i take my time . What are they listening to? Again im an artist tht prides himself on touchin the people so i listen to opinions.

Every artist evolves over the years of his/her career and some fans tend to want them to stay the same. How would you saw Wale has evolved over the years?