Gucci Mane Told Zane Lowe The Reason ‘Drop Top Wop’ Wasn’t Longer Was Because Metro Boomin Fell Asleep

Posted by Corbin Reiff on


Gucci Mane is by far one of the most prolific rappers in the game today. New projects come and go with a frequency that is plainly staggering, but greatly appreciated by his most ardent fans. On Friday, Guwop shared his latest project, a tape produced by Metro Boomin titled Drop Top Wop, which he spoke about with Zane Lowe recently on Beats 1.

Speaking about the young producer, Gucci compared his experience working with him to that of creating alongside a young Mike Will Made-It.

“I was just proud of Metro, to be honest. It is almost kind of like the same thing as with Mike Will. When I first met Mike Will even though I rocked on some of his beats a lot of the times, he was my partner, he was my lil homie. He wasn’t a full-polished producer, and even with Metro. Metro used to always come by my studio. Like from when he was just still going to school. He was just like 18, 19 years old. But a lot of the times he would come to the studio and I would kick it with him, but I would never rap on his beats. He’d be like ‘Gucci why you never rap on my beats?’ So to see what he’s doing now. His beats, every time he pulls something up it makes me want to rap, it makes me want to record. We did 12 songs in 2 days. The only reason we didn’t do more songs is because Metro fell asleep.”

He also talked about the significance of releasing Drop Top Wop on the one-year anniversary of his release from a Federal penitentiary.

“You know, when you sit down in a prison for three years, it gives you time to think and just reflect on your whole life. And I feel like my life had got so out of control because everything that I was doing to lead up to it lead to that ultimate collapse. So now I feel like when I got in there I started kinda like making an effort to say ‘listen, my life is going in a better direction’. I started doing the things that I make — that you see now come to fruition.”

He also shed a little bit more light on his upcoming autobiography, scheduled to hit the shelves on September 19.

“I wrote the book while I was in prison so it’s like everything that happened up to the day I walked out of prison. That was one of my most vulnerable times in my life. So I’ve never felt in a place where I could just even deal with all this stuff that I feel. A lot of stuff I was embarrassed and ashamed to communicate to the world. Like what was going on behind the scenes of what was going on in my mind at that time. So even when I read it now it scares me. It scares me to even read that book. I done read it two or three times and every time I read it, it gives me goosebumps.”

You can listen to an excerpt of his interview with Zane Lowe below.