Gorillaz Blast Off For A Space Concert To Celebrate Their Limited Edition Collaboration With G-Shock

Posted by Aaron Williams on

The bizarre and topsy-turvy tale of Gorillaz continues, this time in a whole new medium: A series of limited edition watches created in collaboration with G-Shock. Each band member will receive a specific watch design with their silhouette printed on the watch band of the DW5600, with drummer Russel getting the bulkier GX56 style.


The collection will only feature 1,000 of each character worldwide, launching in stores and online November 15 for the Murdoc and 2-D designs and December 15 for Russel’s and Noodle’s. A “very limited” quantity of each will be available for pre-order today on Gorillaz’ online store.


The story attached to the release is that band member Noodle met with G-Shock creator Mr. Kikuo Ibe in Japan, leading to the band’s original lineup, including the recently-released Murdoc, to blast off into space and play a gig in Galaxy M101. Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett art-directed a short film with Frech directors BRVTVS to elaborate the narrative. Check it out both parts above and below. A pretty cool thing you may notice is this has apparently been in the works for some time: A “Humility” Easter egg depicts 2-D sporting a G-Shock watch as he roller skates around Venice Beach in California.

The Gorillaz X G-Shock watches launch instore and online at http://www.gtimeisnow.com.