Future Will Reportedly Release Yet Another Album This Week

Posted by Alex Galbraith on

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Future used to be known for being insanely prolific. He released projects in such rapid succession that it occasionally diluted his product. Compared to his mad dash of a mixtape and album run from 2014-early 2016, he’s been relatively silent as he worked on his just-released self-titled album. But it looks like Future can’t quite turn his old grinding ways completely off, however. According to the chart-watching site HITS Daily Double, Future has a second album ready to drop at the end of this week.

The site reports that the second album will be “more rhythmic-leaning and radio-friendly” than Future was, which hopefully means it will throw a few curve balls into his extremely cohesive sound. They add that the move is an attempt to get score back-to-back number one records for Future and his label Epic. Future did give some indication that his self-titled effort was coming, even if it was short notice. So be on the look out for clues of new material from the Freebandz rapper.

While it didn’t come from Future himself, there is definitely some unheard Future music floating around. Chance The Rapper recently posted two long snippets of a collaboration with the Atlanta rapper seemingly titled “My Peak.” And the track looked to be produced by Future favorite DJ Esco, meaning that they’ve been in the studio together again.