Future Previews Unreleased Music And Talks Leaving His Past Behind

Posted by John Gotty on

While the rap world waits for his new album releasing on Friday, Future’s may be giving a preview of what they can expect to hear from the project. In a new clip labeled “Night Vision Ep.1,” DJ Esco is featured in the studio with an engineer while an unreleased song is played in the background. Produced by Metro Boomin’, the track’s hard-hitting as usual and towards the end he spits “All my family call me Pluto, don’t you never forget it.”

But forgetting parts of his past sounds like Future is interested in having people do as he embarks on next release. In an upcoming interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1, the rapper says he wants the chance to grow beyond whatever expectations people have for him based off his previous works. “I don’t want to be attached to What a Time to Be Alive or Dirty Sprite 2,” he said in regards to his self-titled release. “Even though that’s me, but that was something special — that was a moment. People always try to compare — ‘This hotter than this.’ Nah, it’s two separate things. It’s a different lane. Hopefully, this lane be longer than the lane when I had the driving force to put out those projects. I want this lane to have it’s own potential to be something that can surpass that.”

“I feel like I just want to go back into being more underground,” he said in another clip. “Just reconnect with my fans. Be more hands on again.”

We’ll have to wait and see what’s next or how Future attempts to transition beyond where he’s been previously. For now, take a listen to the preview above. Excerpts from the Lowe interview can be found below.

Update: Looks like international members of the Futurehive are in luck because the album has hit streaming services. Sorry, U.S. residents, but no reason to worry since the project will be available at midnight on February 17.