Freddie Gibbs Speaks On Leaving CTE & Calls Young Jeezy Bogus

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Freddie Gibbs & Young Jeezy

XXL: Was Jeezy supportive of you doing your own thing?

Freddie Gibbs: At first, when that whole split happened, I was being political about it. I was thinking, ‘Man, I don’t want to f*** up my relationship.’ But f*** that shit my n*gga. I’m feeding the whole city. That n*gga don’t do sh!t for me. I am going to point a n*gga out when he bogus and he was bogus for not owing up to his business relationship and doing what he was supposed to do business-wise. Like I said, I never needed the n*gga to do nothing for me, but do what you said what you were gonna do. You don’t hold true to your word, I don’t respect you. So I don’t respect no n*gga that don’t hold true to his word. All that sh!t you rapping; I don’t respect none of that sh!t.

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Do you feel Young Jeezy could have done a better job promoting Freddie Gibbs?

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