Forever 21 Copied Kanye West’s Entire Saint Pablo Aesthetic

Posted by Corbin Reiff on

It’s pretty safe to call Kanye West as a style icon at this point. The effort it takes to get your hands on any piece of fashion from his regular lineup is tremendous. And you can almost forget about copping the latest pair of Yeezy sneakers. Things got a little easier for fans who wanted a piece of clothing from West last year when he embarked on his Saint Pablo tour and flooded the market with a range of different t-shirts and long sleeves.

Apparently Forever 21 took notice of the high demand, because just recently, they rolled out a few items that bear a tremendous similarity to West’s most notable pieces. Their private concert graphic tee in particular looks incredibly close to the shirts that Kanye sold during the run.

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Of course, because it’s the Internet, a ton of people took notice of Forever 21’s move and went all the way in on the company.

Forever 21 is widely known for rolling out lower-cost editions of hot style looks. What makes the newest collection even more galling however, is the fact that it is the second time in less than a year that they’ve debuted apparel inspired by West. In 2016, the company sold a shirt that looked crazy similar in style and font to the many different The Life of Pablo tops that West was shifting at pop-ups across the country.