For Just $10,000 You Can Buy This Yeezy Collection Necklace From Kanye

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Over the past month, Kanye West has been gradually returning to the world of music with appearances on both Drake and Mary J. Blige’s new albums. It seems he’s finally back from his bizarre Fall and Winter that saw him land in a hospital for several days for evaluation. Kanye’s return to the fashion world has not been so gradual though, and on Friday it got a lot more expensive for fans of Yeezy.

Without warning, the Yeezy Supply store was suddenly loaded with a new line of jewelry from Kanye and the items for sale are not cheap. The line is made up of several rings and bracelets and a handful of 18k gold necklaces with pendants with a dull finish. The line ranges from $1,530 for a ring to $13,360 for this necklace. Hey, when you’ve already been $53 million in debt once before, you do what you gotta do to avoid going back.

Yeezy Supply

It should be no surprise that Kanye’s line of jewelry is so expensive. It’s made from real gold and endorsed by Kanye West after all. This is the man who charged customers $120 for a plain white t-shirt and $10 for Yeezus, clearly he’s all about exorbitant prices for nominal items.

If you want to fork over some dough for the Yeezy Supply jewelry you can do so at their site here, and check out a few more pictures of the line below.

Yeezy Supply

Yeezy Supply