Flipp Dinero Brings Trap To Brooklyn With New Single ‘On Some’

Posted by Aaron Williams on

Rappers’ labels are well known for being mostly populated with members of their crews, so it’s noteworthy when a rapper cosigns a new artist who hasn’t been down since day one. Joey Badass’ has mostly been the incubated and distributed through his own hub, Pro Era collective, but he went out of his way to intro Brooklyn MC Flipp Dinero to Cinematic Music Group label, and from there, Flipp has taken off. Flipp has hit the ground running, gearing up to release several singles, videos, and an EP, The Guala Way, backed by Cinematic. He’s off to a great start so far with the release of his first pair of infectious, trap-infused singles: “Running Up Bands,” and newly released “On Some,” which you can check out up top.

“On Some” features more of the hooky trap that makes “Bands” such a fun song to jump around to, but with more of a lounge-y vibe, with a tinkling beat reminiscent of a music box, if the music box was eaten by an 808 drum machine and the little ballerina was wearing Balenciega sneakers and a diamond encrusted chain. Meanwhile, the video for “Running Up Bands” is intercut with scenes from classic anime Lupin III that mirror the luxury race car vibe with some choice snippets of the show’s energy car chases. Flipp also causes some property damage in the form of a little backyard television baseball, and tears up the streets of Brooklyn with his homeboys, bringing luxury to the hood in the form of exotic automobiles, bottles of Armand de Brignac (better known as Ace of Spaces), and the titular bands wrapped around stacks of money.

Both songs are catchy, but the video is the real draw; we get to see glimpses of the young MC’s first taste of stardom. While he flashes his cash and stunts with the stacks of money and gold bottles, he keeps it gully by staying close to home and putting on for his homies, rather than hitting the club or taking over a mansion for a faux-exotic party. That down-to-earth, ghetto fabulous aesthetic is going to be the thing that entices new fans; his bouncy, energetic way around a hook will ensure that they keep coming back for more. It’s endearing and inspires interest in just how well it translates live. To be honest, the live show will be the test; if he can maintain the same level off rambunctious enthusiasm as he displays here, he’s going to be one to watch in coming years.

As the first artist that Joey has cosigned outside of his own Pro Era collective, Flipp has forged ties with Cinematic Music Group under the watchful eye of label head Jonny Shipes. “[Joey] was like, ‘Yo Flipp, I really feel like you would be big if you do your thing and just focus,'” explains Flipp. “That’s what led to me meeting Jonny. When Jonny came across me, he was like, ‘Yo, you’re dope. I wanna work with you, but we gotta keep building. You gotta show people that you want it.’ That’s what I’m doing now.” Watch the video for “Running Up Bands” below, and keep an eye out; something tells us we’ll be seeing a lot more of Flipp Dinero sooner rather than later.