‘FIFA 19’s Epic Trailer Features An Unexpected Collaboration Between Vince Staples And Hans Zimmer

Posted by Aaron Williams on

When it comes to sports scoring, the most fun undoubtedly comes from fútbol (or soccer, if you happen to be reading this from the only country on Earth that can’t call things by their proper names), where any goal results in a minute-long, jubilant celebration from players, fans, and even the announcers. When it comes to musical scoring, there are perhaps few names better known than legendary composer Hans Zimmer.

So of course, when it came time for EA Sports to begin promoting its latest iteration of its FIFA series, FIFA 19, it turned to the great composer to create a truly epic-sounding soundtrack for the game’s trailer — then added one more, unexpected component to truly make it special: The voice of Vince Staples, the currently reigning champion of trailer soundtracks.

The trailer opens with some truly stunning game footage and a stellar monologue from none other than irreplaceable Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo as Zimmer’s score builds to a mighty crescendo. Staples’ verse kicks in toward the end, adding impact to the already-exciting preview. The reveal comes along just in time to catch the wave of the international fervor over the upcoming World Cup, making the game one to watch out for.

The backing track, which is called a “remix of sorts” of “Champions League,” the official theme of the annual continental club football competition of the same name which is making its FIFA series debut this year. Zimmer explained the significance of the song in a press release in support of the track: This is an anthem that’s known by fans across the world, it’s the iconic nature of it. When the Champions League games are on, suddenly the world stops. Everything else falls by the wayside, because everybody is into the game. It doesn’t matter which team you support, there is something that connects everybody in this theme.”

FIFA 19 releases worldwide on September 28, 2018.