Fans Discover Mac Miller’s Hilarious Secret Vaping Instagram

Posted by Aaron Williams on

For some reason, vaping has gotten hugely popular in the past few years, picking up all sorts of fans, including ones you might not expect, who expressed their fondness for it in some pretty unusual ways. Case in point, the late rapper Mac Miller liked vaping so much he dedicated a whole, secret Instagram to the hobby. Complex, with the help of some astute fans, unearthed the account, @cloudywithachanceofawesome69, on which Mac role played a character of his own devising called Lars.

“Lars,” somewhat unlike Mac, adopted a dopey, cartoon California surfer accent and entertained “his” followers with various “sick tricks” from his reliable, ever-present vape pen, such as the “Chef Boy RD” and the “Kaluha.” He even posted a screenshot of a headline about the “Vaping Congressman” from The Hill. It’s all very amusing and a perfect reminder of just how funny Mac Miller could be. Since the rapper didn’t take himself quite as seriously as some stars, he could effortlessly alternate between alter egos like Larry Fisherman, Larry Lovestein, and Larry Dollaz. Apparently, “Lars” was his way to keep the Larry thing going with a “chill guy” twist.

While the discovery of the secret account is somewhat bittersweet, it’s also a fun reminder to enjoy life the way Mac did, without reservation and with a willingness to get all the way weird. Check out more from the account below.

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