Even Nakamura’s Violinist Participated In The Future Hive’s #MaskOffChallenge

Posted by Brandon Caldwell on

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Last night was a big night for Shinsuke Nakamura. Nearly one year to the date of his initial WWE debut, the former New Japan star made his main roster debut on Smackdown Live to the loudest cheers of the night. Similar to his crowning NXT achievement last August, Nakamura had violinist Lee England Jr. play his entrance music to lead him to the ring.

He also met Vince McMahon which probably is the second greatest thing he did last night.

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Seeing the prime opportunity, Power 95.3 in Orlando brought the self-proclaimed “Soul Violinist” this morning to participate in a live rendition of the #MaskOffChallenge. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, “Mask Off” was/is/forever will be the best song from Future’s recently released self-titled album. A baby-soother, a turn up anthem; a moment.

How did England Jr. do in his attempt at the #MaskOffChallenge? He killed it. When you’re the King of Strong Style’s go-to player, what else are you supposed to do?

England Jr’s making a habit of showing up and crushing things. He was the first non-athlete to sign a Jordan Brand deal and can also proclaim that he’s the violinist of that “Ceiling Is The Roof Guy” from North Carolina.

The #MaskOffChallenge has given a spotlight to every flutist, former band member and individual who at least made it all the way to show band in college one more chance to show off their talent. The viral challenge has already seen entries from Reggie Couz (start at the 2:42 mark) and a litany of others.

Now we can add England Jr. to the list and probably put him at the top of it.