Drake Speaks On Getting One Of His Flows From Big Sean(Calls Out A Ludacris Line)

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AllHipHop.com: How much do Young Money artists bounce off each other? I noticed you have similar inflections and cadences or rhyme patterns. I noticed this one thing that Nicki said, “It’s going down. Basement.”

Drake: Well, that flow has been killed by so many rappers. And, I never want to use that flow again in life. [Laughs] I wanted to take if off my album, because I was like, “I shut ‘em down. Onyx.” I hate the fact that that rhyme is still in there. To be honest, that flow, you can trace it back to like…I trace it back to Big Sean (artist on Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music). That’s the first guy I heard utilize that flow throughout the duration of a verse. I’ll give him that credit. I think Kanye got it from him. Me and Wayne found a dope way to do it. I don’t want to sound cocky, but the best way its been used was on “Forever.” Those lines just all individually make so much sense. They’re all punchlines. Then a bunch of rappers started doing it and using the most terrible references in the world. I don’t want to offend somebody…I hate that rappers picked that flow up. I wish they had left that for people that know how to use it. [They go like] “It’s a parade! MACY’S!”

At that point, you never want to use it.

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What would you say is the best and worst line you have heard with this flow? Isn’t Drake bold to call out Ludacris line, ““It’s a parade! MACY’S!”? Should Drake be criticizing when he put out the line, “Getting busy cuz im a star, no spangled banner.”

Drake’s lines with the flow:
Swimming in women come and find me, Nemo
In the club you know I balled, chemo
Cant be, they must be talking to themselves Hov, hands free
And I just say I wrote it for yo girlfriends, Kelsey Grammar
I got these new rappers nervous, prom night nigga

Nicki Minaj:
You at the bottom of the pole, TOTEM,
Like Lamar ODOM, I ball, SCROTOM.
And I just be comin’ off the top; asbestos

On another note Cam’ron had that flow since, Dipset Anthem, “And make me put my two arms up, Touchdown!”