Drake Says An Early Weeknd Album Is One Of His All-Time Favorite Records

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Though he’s currently in the midst of his own Boy Meets World tour through Europe, on Wednesday night Drake took some time out of his busy schedule to make a guest appearance for one of the Weeknd’s shows in London. Drizzy joined his fellow Torontonian on stage at the O2 Arena and had some pretty glowing words to say about him.

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Drake opened up and reminisced about hearing Abel’s music for the first time, “My boy came and he picked me up,” he told the English audience. Then he made a bold and frankly surprising claim. “He played me ‘What You Need.’ After that we met up at the studio and I heard House of Balloons which is in my top-five albums of all time. Since then, my brother has gone on to become the biggest.”

Drake is known for going a little over the top in his praise for those with whom he shares a stage, but putting House of Balloons in his top-five is a little surprising. It really makes you wonder what the other four records in that list might look like.

After Drake offered his praise, the two artists hugged it out and then The Weeknd paid his respects back to Drake. “Make some noise for the real 6 god Drizzy Drake, the biggest artist in the world!” he requested. The mutual admiration isn’t a surprise. Though some might consider them competitors, Drake was arguably a large part of Abel’s ascent.

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While their relationship has definitely had some highs and some perceived lows, according to iTunes The Weeknd will appear on Drake’s upcoming album More Life, that’s dropping sometime soon.