Drake’s New Project ‘More Life’ Had Even Celebrities Losing It On Twitter

Posted by Alex Galbraith on

Young Money

Drake dropped his new playlist/project/whatever More Life over the weekend. Just like the grime tracks he’s so clearly been inspired by, it doesn’t matter what you call it. Fans of all stripes were there for new Drake songs either way and more than a few celebrities and musicians couldn’t help but get excited at the prospect of new Drake.

Everyone from tween-beloved Austin Mahone to rap curio Riff Raff couldn’t contain themselves when confronted with new music from the 6 God.

There’s at least one athlete who found his new intro music:

LeBron James didn’t join in. But then again, he’s been listening to “Gyalchester” for months now.

Not that Twitter needed his input. The hype was so real that a few artists couldn’t even get anything out beyond the name:

That’s the sort of excitement that gets you to 10 billion streams.

Even Lorde — who fully understands obsessive fandom — bought herself a first-class ticket on the trending train:

And you know Drake can’t do anything without his boy Norm weighing in:

But even the most devout celebs couldn’t take on Drake’s everyday stans who filled the Twitter-verse with memes and unhinged reactions. The wave of support was so ridiculously overwhelming that at one point, 5,700 tweets about the project were being posted every single minute :

And the project hasn’t even been out a week yet, we’ll see how reactions to the playlist pan out when the dust settles.