Drake Offered To Help Cops Talk A Suicidal Man Down Off A Bridge

Posted by John Gotty on

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Drake is an accomplished rapper, singer, actor and hopeless romantic and he’s looking to add a new role to his list of talents: crisis negotiator. The Canadian superstar recently offered his services to help police talk a man down from a bridge in Manchester, England over the weekend, according to a report by Manchester Evening News.

Drake was in Manchester as his Boy Meets World Tour covers the UK and, while traveling with friends after his concert, their tour van got stuck in early morning traffic near Manchurian Way bridge around 6 a.m. local time on Sunday morning. Upon further investigation for the hold-up, they found out traffic was stalled and roads closed while police attempted to engage a man who was apparently ready to take a leap from the bridge. According to the report, an officer on the scene was approached by a guy claiming to be a member of Drake’s crew, who said Drizzy was willing to talk with the man who was on the bridge, if needed. But, “the offer was declined with thanks” and the suspected jumper was eventually calmed, taken down from the bridge and taken to a local hospital for assessment.

Rappers helping prevent potential jumpers off high places is nothing new. In fact a few years ago, the cops did actually let T.I. talk a jumper off a ledge. Drake seems like the type of guy who’s been blessed with the gift of gab so authorities shouldn’t be leery of using his services in the future should they be needed.

(Via Manchester Evening News)