Drake Had His Heart Set On Marrying Rihanna And Starting A Family

Posted by Derrick Rossignol on

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Now that LeBron James is on the Los Angeles Lakers and out in California, he’s in a good position to act on his TV and film ambitions. Case in point: He now has his own barbershop-style talk show The Shop, which has started airing on HBO. He had Drake on recently, and the pair touched on a variety of topics during their conversation. The rapper talked about Kanye West, his feud with Pusha T, and also his previous relationship with Rihanna.

The music superstar pair has a long history, and things didn’t end up the way that Drake would have preferred. Drake told LeBron that he wanted his relationship with Rihanna to develop into something more serious, to the point where they had a family together: “As life takes shape and teaches you your own lessons, I end up in this situation where I don’t have the fairy tale, like, ‘Oh, Drake started a family with Rihanna and this is like so perfect.’ It looks so good on paper. By the way, I wanted that too at one time.”

This past weekend, LeBron returned the favor to Drake when he played the role of guest at his Staples Center concert, where he joined Drake and Travis Scott on stage during their performance of “Sicko Mode.”