Drake Gets Pranked And Scared Half To Death On ‘Ellen’

Posted by Delenda Joseph on

That treacherous, conniving Ellen DeGeneres. Time after time after time, the daytime TV host tricks guests by lulling them into a false sense of security with her charms, jokes and softball questions. And when they least expect it — BAM! It’s pranking time. Sure, it sucks for her unsuspecting guests, but always hilarious to us.

Ellen’s latest victim was none other than Drake. The Views rapper stopped by and gave an entertaining interview in which he discussed difficulties with pulling double duties on SNL, Rihanna dating rumors, being a cheap thrill, and kicking it with 8-year-old fitness enthusiast Demarjay Smith at NBA All-Star weekend. Coincidentally, just as Papi joked about Ellen having Smith in a box, out comes one of the host’s pranksters popping out the box, scaring the bejesus out of the 6 God.

Suddenly, “Jumpman” takes on a whole new meaning.