Dr. Dre Has Signed Anderson .Paak To Aftermath

Posted by Nigel D. on

The latest artist to join Dr. Dre’s “Aftermath” is Anderson .Paak from California. He was featured on six songs on Dr. Dre’s last album “Compton” and dropped an album called “Malibu” this year. Anderson .Paak had this to say in regards to working with Dr. Dre:

The first thing that I noticed is that he definitely mans the ship, and he’s the captain when he’s in the production chair. But he’s definitely open to our ideas and interested in finding something. He’s not set on just having it his way.

I was just kind of amazed that someone of his stature and success level is still really, really into the music. He had this excitement to him. It seemed like it was new to him, or at least when I came in. There was this vibe where he felt like he was so excited of what was to come and the things we were about to make. And you want to spend hours finding the right phrase and finding the right sounds. It was just inspiring to see that.
Full Interview: NPR