Don’t Worry, Sir Mix-A-Lot Has Finally Weighed In On Beyonce’s ‘Becky’ Situation

Posted by Alex Galbraith on

sir mix a lot

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Oh, happy day! As you well know, we’ve been in a period of waiting ever since Beyoncé released Lemonade. Schools closed, buses stopped running, cities ground to a halt, an entire country waiting as one for on one thing: Sir Mix-A-Lot’s opinion on “Becky with the good hair.” Get ready to go on with your life, because we’ve finally heard word from the booty-shaped mountaintop.

Mix says the real Becky, the one who made it into his song “Baby Got Back” was far from pretty enough to lure Jay Z away from his wife. The rapper told TMZ that Becky was a former girlfriend who was balding and “wore a patch on her eye just because. Her nickname was Sketch.”

Of course, Sir Mix-A-Lot knows that not all Beckys are created equal. After all, there’s this Becky running around out there. And there’s the small matter of no one having any idea who Becky is.

“Becky from Calabasas has no game and she would be the side chick for an ax murderer,” he said. “However, Becky from the block don’t play dat s***!”

And now a nation can return to some semblance of normalcy. There’s got to be a morning after, America.